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How safe use of power tools
12-27-2016 Publisher:HTT-tools.com

(1) use, tools should be well insulated. When using power tools in the construction site, the installation must be taken leakage protection, security isolation transformers and other security measures;

(2) use angle grinder, portable grinder, should wear protective glasses when grinding toward the side of the unmanned Mars equipment;

(3) using a hand drill, should first start after contact with the workpiece, drill inclined holes should be drilled to prevent the slide, when the operation can not directly remove iron hand;

(4) Use the grinder should be started, after reaching normal operating speed, and then contact with the workpiece. Wheel guards should be installed in good condition;

(5) grinding wheel saw cut should clamp the workpiece firmly put stability, prevent sawing bounce wounding;

(6) Use the hammer, the operator should wear a helmet, wear insulated work shoes, and the need to wear masks and glasses.